Following tremendous hard work from all involved, especially Robin Veit, VA are proud tVARobinQuizo announce the results of the 2012 Nursery Rhymes Quiz.

Congratulations to all 1,100 of you who bought quiz sheets this year, the greatest number ever. We hope you enjoyed doing the quiz, and well done to the many people who got all the answers right. Sadly there could be only three winners. They are:

Mrs C Orton of Oundle

Mrs S Price of Warmington

Mr and Mrs Ievins of Cotterstock.

They will shortly receive their Trendall’s vouchers. We are grateful to Martin Trendall for sponsoring the quiz once again.

For a full set of answers to the Quiz questions click here

Even if you didn’t win, you have the consolation of knowing that you contributed to Volunteer Action funds and are therefore helping us to provide the befriending and Drive services which are so much appreciated. Thank you.