Nancy's leaving do 29th Sept 2015 presents
Nancy with sheep cake

Nancy's leaving do 29th Sept 2015Everyone seems to agree that Nancy Taylor’s retirement party at Fletton House on Tuesday 29th September was a lovely event. Whilst we are all sorry to see Nancy go, the atmosphere of the day was more of a celebration of her time at Volunteer Action and of what she has achieved. Val Chesser led the farewells and Nancy gave a short speech of thanks and passed on a couple of motivational quotations! There was a presentation at 1pm, including a picture of Oundle and other gifts and cards. Nancy described herself as quite ‘overwhelmed’ but ‘very happy’.

Around 40 people came and went including most of the trustees, a good number of drivers and befrienders and some of our office support staff. A tribute in itself to the quality and quantity of volunteering that goes on in our area. The food went down very well and a variety of drinks kept everyone happy. Many people were interested to get their first visit to Fletton House and to see where the new VA offices will be.